​Authorized partner of Schuller Eh'klar

​BUD-MIX, located near Krakow is an authorized representative of the Austrian company Schuller Eh'klar, a distributor of professional rollers, brushes, paints and other paint, renovation and construction accessories.

Carefully selected assortment coming directly from reliable suppliers enables comprehensive supply for both small and very large customers, and our nice and competent staff is always willing to provide professional advice and assistance in choosing the best solutions.
​We are regularly expanding our product range, developing product groups and strive to meet the expectations of the most demanding customers. We focus on the best possible contact with contractors - carefully listen to evaluations, suggestions and wishes of our partners, so we can offer brushes and other painting accessories, best suited to the needs of the market. Our competitive advantage is determined by quality goods available at extremely competitive prices.

As an authorized representative, we have access to the entire catalog of Schuller Eh'klar's products. We also help in promoting this brand, offering customers the best visual and promotional solutions for the selection of products and their arrangement on display to optimize sales.

We encourage to cooperate individuals and companies from Krakow and from the entire Małopolska Voivodeship. We are at your disposal at 790 260 407, or e-mail: budmix@op.pl.
We cordially invite!